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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun with Fondant

A few weeks ago I invited 2 of my friends to come over to bake cakes and decorate them with fondant.  Both girls had been wanting to learn how and we had such a great time!   We made a chocolate cake, and divided it up between the three of us.  Each of the girls used two 5 inch ramekins and I used 4 smaller ramekins for my cake.  Kaylyn made hers into a double layer cake with chocolate frosting between the layers.  Libby cut each of her cakes in half to make a 4 layer cake with vanilla frosting.  I made each of my cakes into a double layer cake with strawberry frosting.  I know I definitely need more work with fondant to make mine look good, but we had so much fun :)
Kaylyn's cake (pink fondant with black royal icing)

Libby's Cake (purple fondant with yellow and black royal icing)

It was Valentine's weekend, so I made individual cakes for Mike and my parents.  I used pink fondant and made each of our initials out of milk chocolate.

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  1. They turned out really cute and I'm sure Kaylyn and Libby had a great time!


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