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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuffed Cookies

Stuffed Cookies
When I saw the series of stuffed cookies on Picky Palate, I knew I would be making them.  She put up so many varieties of stuffed cookies, I'm sure everyone in the blogosphere was drooling!  I know I was.  I was so excited to see that her cookie dough recipe is almost exactly like my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, so I knew these would be incredible.  So my favorite cookie with my favorite candy (above) inside?  Score!!!

I chose a variety of "stuffings" for my cookies:  Snickers, Milky Way, Kit Kat, Reese's Cup, Peanut Butter Lover's Reese's Cup, Brownie, Marshmallows, and Salted Caramels.
 I love how these cookies turned out.  They were enormous...I weighed one and it was 6 ounces!  Though I enjoyed each variety I tried, Mike and I both agreed that the marshmallow stuffed cookies were our favorite.  There was just something about the gooey sweet marshmallow in a soft cookie that both of us adored.  My advice for these cookies, be creative! You know what I used for stuffings, Picky Palate stuffed hers with S'mores, Oreos, and brownies...what will you stuff yours with?

You will need:

2 sticks margarine, softened
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 Tablespoon vanilla
3-1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 cups chocolate chips
12 "stuffings"  (Fun sized candy bars, brownies, marshmallows, caramels, Oreos, S'mores etc!!!)

1.  Gather all the "stuffings" you need and prepare them (cut or unwrap as needed).

2.  In the bowl of your mixer, beat margarine and sugars until light and fluffy.

3.  Add eggs and vanilla and beat until well combined.

4.  Add in flour, salt, and baking powder.  Mix until combined.

5.  Stir in chocolate chips until evenly distributed.

6.  Place a large scoop of cookie dough in the palm on your hand.  Press the chosen filling into the cookie dough.  Top filling with another large scoop of dough and form into a ball.  Mine were about as large as a baseball!  Place on a greased cookie sheet.
7.  Bake at 350 for 15-17 minutes.  Cool for 10 minutes before eating...if you can wait that long!!!

Source: Picky Palate


  1. I saw these on picky palate too, but I love some of your other filling choices - like caramel and marshmallow. You make such fun and good stuff!

  2. Oh MY! These look amazingly good. I think I will be making these immediately! My mind is already spinning with all of the fun varieties that are possible.... :)

    Thanks for sharing with So Sweet Sundays! :)

  3. I just joined your blog, and it's delightful! By the looks of your profile, we seem to have many things in common! :) I'm looking forward to see what other yummies you share!

    ~Leslie, The Cozy Little Kitchen

  4. I haven't made these, but I have definitely been with the rest of the bloggers "drooling" over the different varieties. Yum! I will have to keep a marshmallow version in mind. Sounds kind of like a s'more with the chocolate chips!

  5. Stuffed cookies, oh my! I don't think things can get any yummier than this. Thanks for linking these up.

  6. If you could only see how much my mouth is watering right now...

    These are calling my name!

    I hope to see them on...Made it on Monday! :)

  7. Hehe, I also did a variation of a stuffed cookie I saw on Picky Palate. There is nothing more yummy than a stuffed chocolate chip cookie! Great recipe Melissa!


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