Melissa's Cuisine: National S'mores Day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National S'mores Day!

Did you know that today is National S'mores Day?  I didn't until this morning or I would have made a new recipe just to celebrate today!  I'm surprised that I didn't know about this before since S'mores are one of my very favorite things to eat and re-create.  In fact, I have an entire section of my "to-make" list dedicated to new s'mores creations.  But since I don't have anything new to share today, I encourage you to check out the couple recipes that I do have:

Keep checking back because I have S'more ideas (bad joke--sorry!) and by National S'mores Day 2012 I hope my list is a lot longer!


  1. Wish I would have known this yesterday as yell and I would have had a celebration! But the day is still young:) Thanks for sharing!!


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