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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Sweetness

How was your week?  Mine was busy!  It was my first full week back to work after the holidays.  Getting back into the routine of things feels so good, but it's hard to believe that the holidays have come an gone already.  I'll admit, I wasn't ready to get back into my routine...I was enjoying the laid back nature of my time off.

Maybe that explains why I only managed to get 2 recipes up this week.  Oops!  I'm hoping to do some baking today, so I plan to do better next week.  Here's what I shared this week:

Stuffed Shells:  This dish is simple to prepare and absolutely delicious.  It can be served immediately or frozen for a quick meal in the future.  

Asiago Crusty Bread:  This bread is absolutely amazing!  The preparation method is different from your typical loaf of bread, and I love its free-form shape.  

Here are some of my favorite pins from this week:

Nutella S'mores Pulls: Nutella.  Marshmallows.  Bread.  Need I say more?

Biscoff Crescent Roll Cookies: I love Biscoff spread, but so far I've only enjoyed it straight off the spoon.  I think this recipe may convince me to use it to make something!

Strawberries and Cream Bundt Cake:  This is a stunning cake.  I'm throwing a baby shower for my friend this spring, and I'm sure this will make an appearance!

Churro Waffles:  Two of my favorite foods in one?  Genius!

Rice and Beans:  This may look simple, but there is something so comforting and delicious about a bowl of rice and beans!

What did you pin this week?

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  1. These look amazing!! I especially like the cinnamon rolls. Gonna have to try a couple of these recipes. Thanks for sharing.


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