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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Biscuit Waffles

Pillsbury, Grands, Waffles, Breakfast, Biscuits
I love having taste-testers in my kitchen!  Sure, I have Mike, but since he likes pretty much anything I make, his response when I ask him to try something is "yeah, that's good."  Sometimes it is nice to have someone who can offer more advice, like trying another spice or cooking something a different way. 
The other day, Mike and his friend were working on replacing the brakes on my car.  Since I knew it would take them a good portion of the afternoon, I decided to spend some quality time in the kitchen.  Life has been so hectic lately that I haven't been able to bake and create as much as I typically like to.

Pillsbury, Grands, Waffles, Breakfast, Biscuits
I've seen many people posting about making cinnamon rolls in their waffle maker.  It's a great idea, and the cinnamon rolls cook in about a minute, plus you don't have to heat up your oven!  Since I had some time in the kitchen, I thought why not try making waffles out of biscuits?  I had scored a great deal on Pillsbury Grands biscuits the day before so I had plenty to work with. 
I was able to make 8 Biscuit Waffles in less than 10 minutes!  How's that for a speedy breakfast?  I used Pillsbury Grands Homestyle Southern Style Biscuits and I loved how they worked.  I brought out a plate for each of my taste testers (Mike and his friend) and asked them to try the waffles.  Their response was an enthusiastic, "these are good!"  Then I told them that the waffles were made out of biscuits.  Their next response made me laugh--they turned into food critics.  "Oh yeah, I can see that.  They're a little more dense.  But that means they hold up better for the syrup.  Yeah, these are good!" 
Since I made these waffles in the afternoon, I had quite a few leftover (after we all taste-tested).  I stored them in a Ziploc bag in the fridge.  The next morning I popped a couple in the toaster to warm them up, and they tasted fresh from the iron!  I'll definitely be making these again, especially when I'm short on time!
Pillsbury, Grands, Waffles, Breakfast, Biscuits
Biscuit Waffles

Makes 8

1 can Pillsbury Grands Homestyle Southern Style Biscuits

1.  Heat your waffle iron to medium-high heat. 

2.  Place 1 biscuit in the center of your waffle iron and cook according to the directions on your iron.  (I use a Belgain waffle maker and I found it easiest to make just one waffle at a time, if you have a different style waffle iron you may be able to cook 2 waffles at once.  Mine has a light that indicates when the waffles are done.)

3.  Remove waffle from the iron and set aside.  Repeat with remaining biscuits.

Top waffles with desired toppings: syrup, fresh fruit, peanut butter, jam etc.


  1. This is pretty much a genius idea! Love it. :)

  2. Very good idea!I love it!
    and will try it!;)

  3. Cool idea; those hot-I-don't-want-to-light-the-oven days are fast approaching (yay!) ~ pinning ~ Saw this on your other site, posted on Manic Monday - have a great week!!

  4. I am very late (I'm so sorry!!) but I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for sharing this post at my Say G'Day Saturday linky party! I have pinned this and shared it on Twitter too.

    Hope you can join in again this weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

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