Melissa's Cuisine: Mozzarella Rolls {Flashback Friday}

Friday, February 07, 2014

Mozzarella Rolls {Flashback Friday}

Mozzarella Rolls are a delicious addition to your family's dinner. Add some chopped olives for a fun twist!
Melissa's Cuisine: Mozzarella Rolls {Flashback Friday}
Life is crazy sometimes!  I'm in the middle of training an office assistant at work, and while it's a lot to train someone new, it will be a huge blessing to have someone to share the work load with (and allow me to only work part-time!)  It's a little crazy at the office now.  Add to that the ridiculous amount of snow that we have been getting, making travel difficult and causing lots of plans to change.  Oh, and the Internet going all wonky at our house (thus, no post on Wednesday).  And you have a recipe for a very hectic week.  From the looks of it, this weekend isn't going to be any different!

One of the things I loved most about my family growing up is that we had dinner time together.  It was a very rare occasion that we didn't all sit down to eat together at the same time.  Even in high school when my schedule was crazy busy, I don't remember many missed meals.  Family dinners are a chance for everyone to relax and unwind a little bit, chat about the day, and get connected before rushing off to do the next task.  Mike and I have actually started eating dinner at the table now (instead of in front of the TV) because Summer is starting some solids and able to join us.  I look forward to dinner time as a chance for us to really talk, especially now, without the distraction of the television.

These rolls are one of our favorite dinner components.  The dough is pretty versatile and the first time I made them, I added some chopped olives to Mike's rolls.  He declared them the best rolls he has ever had.  I've made them several times since that day and each time we've enjoyed them.  The last time I made these rolls, I rolled them into balls and baked them in a 9x13" pan, and allowed them to touch each other.  In the past, I baked them as a drop biscuit.  I noticed that baking them in the 9x13 pan took longer and the texture was flakier than the other way.  I served these along with a bowl of Cheesy Potato Soup.  They are the perfect addition to our family dinner time!

Get the recipe: Mozzarella Rolls

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