Melissa's Cuisine: Donut Snowmen

Monday, December 15, 2014

Donut Snowmen

These Donut Snowmen are a fun and festive (not to mention, delicious!) winter treat!
Melissa's Cuisine: Donut Snowmen

Since I can't build a snowman outside yet, I thought I'd build some in my kitchen this week!  Ok, that was cheesy, but seriously, it's not feeling much like Christmas without snow!  I'm still holding out hope for a white Christmas...

I wanted to make a fun snack for Summer and Mike and I, so I thought I'd put together a few donut snowmen.  Summer is currently obsessed with Olaf (she's getting 2 for Christmas!), so I knew she would be a fan.  Plus, that girl has the biggest sweet tooth ever.  Scary for a 17 month old....  I know who she inherited that from! ;)

Anyway, these snowmen are easy to make and they're fun too!  They'd be a great activity to involve the kids with, make over Christmas vacation, or to bring to a Christmas party.  You could use whatever candies you have on hand and really be creative with the decorating.  The instructions I shared below are just ideas for how you can decorate, but be creative!
Melissa's Cuisine: Donut Snowmen
Donut Snowmen

mini donuts
pull and peel twizzlers
chocolate chips
mini chocolate chips, or chocolate frosting
candy corn
skewers or straws

1.  Carefully push the donuts onto the skewers or straws.

2.  Use chocolate frosting to adhere the M&Ms to the center of the donuts for buttons, and the chocolate chips to the top donut for eyes.

3.  Use mini chocolate chips, or pipe chocolate frosting, to form the mouth.

4.  Use 3 "strands" of pull and peel twizzlers for the scarf, attaching with a dot of frosting.

5.  Break the white tip off the candy corn and use the yellow and orange piece for the nose.

Eat immediately after serving or store in an airtight container so the donuts don't dry out.
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